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Sexual Assault and Hope for the Future in Titian’s Rape of Europe.

6 November 2020

This is the text of a lecture I gave for a conference to consider the Titian: Love, Desire and Death exhibition at the National Gallery, London. If you’d prefer this in video...

Overlooking Women’s Labour in Sofonisba Anguissola’s Chess Game

28 June 2020

Time is a terribly scarce commodity for those of us who spend our skills and labour equally on our families and our own work.Laura Cereta, Letter to Sigismondo de’ Bucci, 1486It...

The wordlessness of grief in Michelangelo’s Pietà: Art Pickings 5

29 May 2020

My colleagues and I have been each asked to choose an object that made us “#hookedonarthistory for the University of Edinburgh’s History of Art department’s social...

The Plague, the Self and the Body in Pontormo’s Naked Self Portrait: Art Pickings 4

11 March 2020

Jacopo del Pontormo, Self Portrait Drawing. c. 1524. Red chalk on paper. 28.1×19.5mm. London, British Museum 1936,1010.10 Pontormo drew himself naked whilst escaping from the...