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Blade Runner 2049 and the Renaissance Nude

3 November 2017

 I am, perhaps, the only person to see Blade Runner 2049 who was constantly reminded of book 3 of Baldassare Castiglione’s Courtier. It wasn’t the replicants that...

How to Get Breasts like Apples: Beauty Tips for the Early Modern Woman

18 August 2017

Peter Paul Rubens, Judgment of Paris. 1638-9. Madrid, Prado. On 27 February 1639 King Philip IV of Spain received a letter from his brother Ferdinand about Rubens’ Judgement...

More body hair removal tips for the Renaissance woman

13 March 2014

I couldn’t resist sharing these thoughts on body hair removal from a  Venetian 1562 advice book for women that I stumbled across yesterday (apparently written by a “Greek...

Call for Papers, RSA 2014: Skin, Fur and Hairs: Animality and Tactility in Renaissance Europe

30 April 2013

Titian, Woman in a Fur Coat.1535. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. For Renaissance Europeans, animal fur was a desirable but complex material.  It was a high status commodity, lining...