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Shaftesbury addendum

12 April 2013

Following on from the discussion of Shaftesbury, the following may be of interest: Laurent Jaffro and Christian Maurer, 'Reading Shaftesbury's Pathologia: An Illustration...

Week 10. Shaftesbury on the Philosophical Life

2 April 2013

For our final session of the term we turn to Anthony Ashley Cooper, the Third Earl of Shaftesbury (1671-1713), best know as the author of the three-volume Characteristics of Men, Manners,...

Week 10 Reading

22 March 2013

For our final week this term we shall look at some extracts from Shaftesbury's philosophical notebooks. In the end I have decided on a slightly different selection from the one I originally...

Week 9. Cudworth and Stoic Fate

19 March 2013

The Cambridge Platonist Ralph Cudworth (1617-88) has lots of interesting things to say about Stoicism. Indeed he has lots of interesting things to say about many other ancient philosophies...