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New Light on the Early Career of Tudor Music Printer Thomas East (and the History of Printing Music Paper)

24 June 2018

From 1588 until his death in 1608 Thomas East was the premier music printer in England, working for first William Byrd and later Thomas Morley. He printed such famous collection as Musica...

Motets, Inscriptions and the Praise of Music in Robert Dow’s Tudor Partbooks

22 June 2017

In 1580s Oxford debates concerning the relative merits or vices of music were intensifying. Ex-Oxford student Stephen Gosson had attacked music in his School of Abuse (1579) encouraging...

Creating Harmonious Subjects? Songs for Queen Elizabeth I’s Accession Day

1 July 2016

Queen Elizabeth I (1558–1603) was the first monarch whose Accession Day  on 17 November (the day when Mary I died and she became Queen) became a yearly occasion for celebration....

The Mythical Powers of Music in the Age of the ‘Scientific Revolution’

2 June 2016

Writers about music in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries drew extensively on classical mythology to exemplify its powerful effects and importance to society. With little...