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Was Jane Seymour Pregnant in 1536?

16 May 2023

 A hitherto overlooked statement in the Calendar of State Papers, Spain offers intriguing information about Henry VIII's relationship with his third wife, Jane Seymour. Sometime in...

Katherine Howard or Anne of Cleves?

24 September 2021

Above: Portrait of a Lady, perhaps Katherine Howard; Royal Collection TrustA portrait miniature in the Royal Collection Trust, dating to circa 1540, has for some time been identified...

Longest-Serving English Consorts (1066-1547)

12 September 2021

This blog post will explore the longest-serving English consorts in the period 1066-1547, a period that commences with the Norman Conquest of England and ends with the death of Henry...

Lady Katherine Grey

12 September 2021

My article about Lady Katherine Grey, younger sister of the executed Jane and a claimant to the throne of Elizabeth I (reigned 1558-1603), is available online at Team Queens. You can...