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On The Tudor Trail - Anne Boleyn's Life, 1521-1527

29 January 2018

I have recently written an article for the website On The Tudor Trail about Anne Boleyn's life in the years 1521-7, a period that remains frustratingly shadowy. In this article,...

Katherine Howard's Age

8 June 2017

Five years ago, I published a blog post about the date of birth of Katherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII. In the course of researching and writing about her life, I became increasingly...

19 May 1536: Anne Boleyn's Execution

19 May 2017

We have no way of knowing whether Anne Boleyn was greeted by warm sunshine and birdsong as she took her final steps out of the queen's apartments and towards the scaffold within the...

Kindle Countdown: Queenship in England

3 May 2017

*Exciting Opportunity* If you own a Kindle, today and tomorrow, you can buy my book Queenship in England 1308-1485 for only 99p on Amazon UK and 99c on It's a great...