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A Note on the Anniversary of my Favorite Dream

17 December 2020

Yes, I know, this site has (shall we say?) been rather quiet in recent years. The explanation, in part, is that I have been chasing down other rabbit holes and have been reluctant...

A Postscript to “What Was Theodor Adorno Doing in Thomas Mann’s Garden”

12 January 2019

Back in 2013, I posted a discussion of the peculiar story that Katia Mann told in her memoirs about Theodor Adorno’s alleged demand that Thomas Mann rectify his failure to mention...

The Source List for the 1790 Table of Usages of the Term “Aufklärung”

6 August 2017

What follows is the “List of Examples” that appears at the start of Part II of the “Kritischer Versuch über das Wort Aufklärung (Beschluss),” Deutsche...

The Word “Enlightenment”: A German Table of Usages from 179

6 August 2017

Discussion of  German attempts to answer the question “what is enlightenment?” have tended to focus on the debate launched in the pages of the Berlinische Monatsschrift by...