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Wallington’s ‘Anatomy’

27 February 2019

From previous posts it’s clear I’m a great fan of Nehemiah Wallington, the puritan wood-turner in London who recorded his inner thoughts and everyday experience in extensive...


3 February 2019

We’re delighted to announce our next big project… The Cultural Lives of the Middling Sort: writing and material culture, 1560-1660 What was Shakespeare looking at...

Domestic Sphere at the top of the lake

3 October 2017

Earlier this month I gave a paper at the ‘Domestic Sphere in Europe, 16th to 19th Century’ conference at the Schloss Schadau in Thun, Switzerland. The conference was run...

A Day at Home in Early Modern England: exclusive taster!

12 September 2017

We’re delighted to announce that our co-authored book, A Day at Home in Early Modern England: material culture and domestic life 1500-1700 will be published by Yale University...