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18th century hairstyling

11 February 2015

18th century hairstyling have had a lot of literary flack throughout the ages. It is greasy. It is greasy and loaded with powder. It stinks because the pomade has grown stale. It is...

Interpretations of 17th century makeup

2 January 2015

Making use of what I wrote in my last post, I then made two makeup-looks, both based on period recipes, but turning out very differently!Two interpretations of 17th century makeupAs...

Women's makeup in the 17th century

29 December 2014

Woman with a Mirror by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), c. 1640This article was originally published at Your Wardrobe Unlock'd. The first part cover the history of makeup, the second...

Styling a mid17th-century wig

5 December 2014

This is part two of an article first appearing in Your Wardrobe Unlock’d. The first part covered thehistory of the hairstyle as well as some 17th century hair care. Here is a step-by-step...