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The Great Land Flood of 1712 #History #Scotland

24 September 2018

In late September, 1712, extremely heavy rains brought the worst flooding in living memory between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Reverend Robert Wodrow wrote about them in his Analecta:...

The British Army of the Killing Times in the Winter of 1685 #History #Scotland

23 September 2018

  On 10 December, 1685, General William Drummond wrote a memorial of the winter quarters appointed for the King’s Scottish Army, aka., the British Army, until further orders....

The Wigtown Martyrs: The ‘Petitione for Margaret Lachlisone’ of 28 April, 1685 #History #Scotland

14 September 2018

The drowning of two women at Wigtown is the most hotly debated cases of the Killing Times of 1685. It is a case that has called the veracity of the Killing Times into question. If the...

The Wigtown Martyrs: The “Galloway” Memorandum of the Killing Times #History #Scotland

13 September 2018

The following document is one that Sheriff Mark Napier used in the Nineteenth Century to deny that the two female Wigtown martyrs were drowned in the Killing Times. However, when you...