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James Renwick’s Letter to Jean Hamilton in Leeuwarden, 20 June 1684 #History #Scotland

20 June 2022

Jean Hamilton was the sister of Robert Hamilton and sister-in-law of the imprisoned Alexander Gordon of Earlstoun. She was in regular correspondence with James Renwick. Renwick wrote...

Letter of James Renwick to Robert Hamilton in Leeuwarden, 29 March 1684. #History #Scotland

29 March 2022

Nine days after the thirteenth convention at Panbreck, James Renwick wrote to Robert Hamilton in Leeuwarden.Renwick notes that George Hill, the president of the convention, had given...

Letter of James Renwick in #Edinburgh to Robert Hamilton in Leeuwarden, 14 November 1683. #History #Scotland

25 November 2021

On 14 November, 1683, James Renwick, who had recently returned to Scotland and begun field preaching, wrote to Robert Hamilton, in Leeuwarden. As ever in their private correspondence,...

A Letter from James Renwick to the Honourable Society of Strangers at Leeuwarden, 13 November, 1683 #History #Scotland

13 November 2021

On 13 November, 1683, James Renwick wrote to a small prayer society he had met in Leeuwarden in the United Provinces before he returned to Scotland. It was probably sent with letter...