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Sweet Singers Liberated from Edinburgh Tolbooth in 1681 #History #Scotland

23 June 2019

On the same day that they were warded into Edinburgh Tolbooth for trial, two former Sweet Singers were liberated. They were presumably captured at Wolf Hole Craigs in mid May, 1681,...

Suspected Traitor Robert Hamilton in Broxburn is Liberated in 1681 #History #Scotland

22 June 2019

Robert Hamilton in Broxburn was tortured in the boots as one of those suspected of involvement in a gunpowder plot in late 1680. Under 28 April, 1681: ‘Att Edr the 8 day of Apryll...

A Satire on The Cameronian Tooth #History #Literature #Scotland

2 June 2019

The following poem is a satire of the Cameronians, which was probably composed by Alexander Pennecuik shortly before his death in 1730. He was the nephew of Dr. Alexander Pennecuik...

An Alien UFO was Sighted over #Scotland in 1685 #History #UFO

1 April 2019

It sounds like one of Erich von Däniken’s claims of ancient alien contact, but remarkable evidence shows that alien UFOs did visit Scotland in the Seventeenth Century. Did...