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Traditions of the Capture of the Covenanter Daniel MacMichael #History #Scotland

5 June 2018

In the 1840s, Simpson published “traditions” that he had collected about the Covenanter Daniel MacMichael. Quite a significant portion of Simpson’s “traditions”...

Death at Dalveen: The Killing of the Covenanter Daniel MacMichael in 1685 #History #Scotland

26 May 2018

The Covenanter Daniel MacMichael had a price on his head … one thousand merks, dead or alive. He was shot in summary execution in Durisdeer parish, Nithsdale, on 31 January,...

The Covenanter Killed at Lagdow Cairn #History #Scotland

23 May 2018

According to later tradition, a Covenanter named Dow was killed by the notorious Grierson of Lag at Lagdow Cairn, which is located in the hills to the west of Dalveen in Nithsdale....

The Enterkin Rescue of 1684 in Daniel Defoe’s Tour of Great Britain #History #Scotland

22 May 2018

The following account of the rescue of Covenanters at the Enterkin Pass in 1684 comes from the third volume of Daniel Defoe’s Tour of Great Britain published in 1727. Defoe had...