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Helping students prepare for their essays: a feed-forward experiment

7 December 2018

Despite the fact that my role is primarily a research one (60% research + 20% teaching + 20% admin, or something vaguely like that, you know how it is..) I’ve been reading a lot...

MSCA Grant Award: Digital Forensics in the Historical Humanities

17 April 2018

Time for a grant announcement. Last summer Thorsten Ries and I had a crazy idea: to apply to the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) – a programme of grants run by the...


29 June 2017

Yesterday I tweeted.. Today I learnt that I'd over-complicated a simple programming task because searching online had pointed me to an over-complicated solution. — James Baker...

The hard digital history that underpins my book

6 June 2017

In my last blog I wrote about the ‘soft’ Digital History – or digital/’digital’/Digital [hH]istory – that went into my recent book on making and...