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Catalouging vs Generative AI

5 April 2023

tl;dr – we must do everything we can to ensure that generative AI doesn’t win. Back in 2019 we had an idea. We wanted to gather together catalogue-related professionals at UK and...

Leaving, Arriving, Building: one year at Soton DH

12 August 2022

This is more of a personal blog than I typically write. Tomorrow I start two (and a bit) weeks of annual leave, and I wanted to do something to mark a real point of transition for me:...

My DH Climate Actions

10 June 2022

Last week at Digital Humanities Benelux 2022, I had the pleasure of working with colleagues from the Digital Humanities Climate Coalition and Historians for Future to run a workshop...

Moving On (again)

6 May 2021

In September 2001 I arrived at the University of Southampton to study a degree in History. In September 2021 I’ll be returning to Southampton to take up the post of Director of...