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As You Like It breathed abroad and as Horatio might breathe it abroad as compare; draft.

14 April 2019

Both Phebe and Touchstone have some thing to say about Marlowe’s “Hero and Leander”. Not only that Phebe quotes Marlowe. Why she quotes Marlowe has long been misunderstood...

Another run to the Main Stand

14 April 2019

Shakespeare and Marlowe are both Henry’s poets in the sense that both labor with invention of a “maid in a man’s attire” devised to strike the mind’s eye...

Elizabeth I is pleased by Ralegh’s elegy “The Ocean, to Cynthia”.

12 January 2019

So Elizabeth I is pleased by her read of “The Ocean, to Cynthia”. She gets what Raleigh is trying to say to her. His way of making apology for the glitch of him secretly...

Shakespeare’s As You Like It as compare to Hamlet

9 January 2019

Looking at Shakespeare’s comic spin on “it” that is in an understanding of “As You Like It” as a compare to a tragic spin on it in “Hamlet”....