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ESTC-matching project expands to other Northwestern libraries

29 January 2018

Generous funding from Northwestern University Libraries has guaranteed the expansion of “Renaissance Books, Midwestern Libraries,” an initiative I began in 2014 with a Mellon-based...

Teaching English composition with early modern-style “commonplace books”

20 November 2017

This fall, I have been trying out a number of strategies to integrate writing exercises, literary readings, and Special Collections visits in my undergraduate pedagogy. These experiments...

A “prity one”: Frances Wolfreston’s copy of Thomas Heywood’s The English Traveller (1633)

1 March 2017

The early modern reader Frances Wolfreston (1607-1677) has attracted a considerable amount of attention from scholars in recent decades. “Frances wolfreston her bouk,” she...

More Old Books Uncovered at Northwestern

18 July 2016

The following post recounts some of the most recent work undertaken as part of the Renaissance Books, Midwestern Libraries project, an undergraduate-driven effort to report copies of...