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A cool oven: Boerhaave’s little furnace, part II

18 December 2018

*This post was first published on the Recipes Project on 13 December 2018* By Ruben Verwaal and Marieke Hendriksen Ruben Verwaal is curator of the historical collections...

The “Gentle Heat” of Boerhaave’s Little Furnace

27 August 2018

This post first appeared on The Recipes Project on 23 August 2018. By Ruben Verwaal and Marieke Hendriksen Ruben Verwaal is curator of the historical collections at Erasmus Medical...

The devil is in the details: turpentine varnish

6 June 2018

Corrosion cast of bronchi and trachea, possibly from a rabbit, sheep, or dog, 1880-1890Likely prepared by Harvard anatomist Samuel J. Mixter.The Warren Anatomical Museum in the Francis...


15 March 2018

This blog first appeared on The Recipes Project on 15 March 2018 Fermenting indigo at Ock Pop Tock, Laos. January 2018. When you say indigo, the first thing many people will think of...