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First stab at TEI publication

8 December 2013

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking through how best to transcribe  Tarlton’s Jests and represent that process here. I believe there’s value to reflecting upon the...

Dating Back

2 June 2013

I’m finally able to get back to the mapping project. Ninety records entered (1583-1588). Some further observations: 1583: 6 Civic venue type  1 Ecclesiastical 2 Court 2 Inn...

Preparing for what comes next

15 January 2013

I’m approaching a crossroads with the Tarlton Project. I’m perfectly content to continue on working on this on my own for the time-being while I figure out where I’ll...

Trying to get to 1584

10 January 2013

This afternoon I prepared to add the 1584 performance data to As I looked again at the data I realized that I had placed a long-term contract at York in 1584 when in fact...