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Against Cultural Heritage Wastelands

20 March 2023

This is a version of remarks I prepared for The Future of Early Modern Marginalia roundtable at the 2023 Renaissance Society of America conference. I want to use my 10 minutes...

A Gentle Introduction to Excel and Spreadsheets for Humanities People

17 June 2021

I understand that a lot of Humanities researchers do not use spreadsheets or Excel very often in their lives. It’s not something we’re not really trained in, nor is it really that...

Moby Dick is About Whales, or Why Should We Count Words?

27 September 2019

Why are we interested in counting words? The immediate payoff is not always clear. Many of us are familiar with what I like to call the Moby Dick is About Whales model of quantitative...

Call for Papers – Revealing Meaning: Feminist Methods in Digital Scholarship

25 August 2019

Posted August 2019  This volume, tentatively titled Revealing Meaning: Feminist Methods in Digital Scholarship, will gather chapters in which digital methodologies can engage directly...