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How I use Twitter as an academic

20 October 2017

An enormous amount of academic life happens in digital spaces these days. The microblogging service Twitter, which has been around since 2007, has all but replaced the academic...

Heather’s 3 rules of doing digital scholarship

27 July 2017

In my new job as Digital Scholarship Fellow in Quantitative Text Analysis, I’m starting to work with students and faculty in the Liberal Arts on the hows and ways of counting...

What’s a “book” in Early English Books Online?

19 July 2016

Recently I have been employed by the Visualising English Print project, where one of the things we are doing is looking at improving the machine-readability of the TCP texts. My colleague...

10 Things You Can Do with EEBO-TCP Phase I

11 May 2016

The following are a list of resources I presented at Yale University (New Haven, CT, USA) on 4 May 2016 as part of my visit to the Yale Digital Humanities Lab. Thank you again...