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Discovery: Cavour’s maternal grandmother was buried in Livorno.

19 April 2018

Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour (1810-1861) In Italy, notwithstanding a profound religious culture, cemetery studies are a very understudied subject if one compares what other countries...

The Story of a man, of his diseased body and his grave (including his medallion)

13 February 2017

Mr. H. whose identity will be revealed later. Born in Edinburgh in 1778, the eldest and first surviving of seven children, Mr. H. was a delicate child. He matriculatd at Edinburgh University...

Non-catholic civil registers of Livorno (1818-1865) fully indexed.

31 August 2013

I’m pleased to announce the completion of the indexing process of the non-catholic civil registers of Livorno (1818-1865)! The work took really a long time (almost a year) and...

Livorno Non-Catholic Marriages’ index (1818-1865) completed!

3 August 2013

The Livorno’s Non-Catholic Civil Marriages’ Index (1818-1865) has been completed in the past few days; after the initial release of several sections, it is now fully published...