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The Salons Project: a digital approach to eighteenth-century French salons

19 February 2019

We are currently finalising the programme for Digitizing Enlightenment IV, a day-long workshop that will take place on 15 July as part of the ISECS Congress in Edinburgh this summer....

Believing in an Age of Enlightenment

12 February 2019

Over the past few decades historians have justly complicated the narrative of the Enlightenment’s essentially secular nature. The once normative tale of philosophes heroically...

The Humanist World of Voltaire’s Correspondence

7 February 2019

We know from reading Voltaire’s letters that he likes quoting – French literature in abundance, but also a fair amount of Latin. There is often a strong sense that he is...

From catechisms to Voltaire: Religious tradition and change in eighteenth-century novels

29 January 2019

Scholars of the Enlightenment have tended – like intellectual historians generally – to stress the movement’s newness, rather than its continuities with the past....