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A Loyalist’s Response to the Franco-American Alliance: Charles Inglis’s “Papinian” Essays

24 September 2018

At nine o’clock on the morning of May 6, 1778, Continental soldiers at Valley Forge emerged from their huts to hear their regimental chaplains... The post A Loyalist’s Response...

The Most Extraordinary Murder

20 September 2018

On July 2, 1778, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts hanged Bathsheba Ruggles Spooner and Continental soldier Ezra Ross, together with British soldiers Sgt. James Buchanan... The post...

Our Man in Minorca: Lewis Littlepage, American Volunteer with the Spanish Armed Forces

18 September 2018

The Revolutionary War was fought on a global scale, with six nation states engaged in battles across three continents and two oceans.  Volunteers from... The post Our Man in Minorca:...

The Sugar Act: A Brief History

17 September 2018

The Sugar Act of 1764 levied taxes on imports to British colonies in North America. In doing so, the act marked a change in... The post The Sugar Act: A Brief History appeared first...