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‘He moved his backside and body as mankind do when in copulation with womankind’ Bestiality in eighteenth-century Wales

9 August 2016

**Content warning: this post contains details of a sexual nature which some readers may find offensive or upsetting** In keeping with last week’s raunchy theme, I thought I’d...

Wait, that’s not a prayer! When parish records turn raunchy

2 August 2016

Anyone who’s spent countless hours researching in the archives knows the feeling of elation that comes over you when you find that proverbial needle in the haystack. Whether it’s...

Book Review – Infanticide and Abortion in Early Modern Germany

20 June 2016

Infanticide and Abortion in Early Modern Germany  by Margaret Brannan Lewis (Routledge, 2016), 204 pages, £95 Hardcover, £34.99 Kindle Infanticide and Abortion...

Call for Papers – Postgraduate Medical Humanities Conference 2016 University of Exeter, 28-29 July 2016

13 January 2016’m co-organising this year’s Postgraduate Medical Humanities Conference at the University of Exeter. If you’re...