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Public Thesis Defence on 20 June: ‘Spiritual Alchemy from the Age of Jacob Boehme to Mary Anne Atwood, 1600-1900’

25 May 2017

After a long journey, my PhD dissertation is finally finished, approved, and printed, albeit only in a very small, privately published run. The only thing that now stands between...

Fully Funded PhD Opportunity

15 June 2016

In a sure sign that my time as a PhD candidate in Amsterdam is running out, a job ad looking for my successor are now out and about.You can still apply for another month, until the...

Call for Papers: Colouring and Making in Alchemy and Chemistry (7th SHAC Postgraduate Workshop)

6 April 2016

It’s been eerily quiet around here for too long! Many things have happened since I ceased posting more regularly, and perhaps I’ll find time to dwell on some of them in...

Conference Favourites from ‘Revisiting Early Modern Prophecies’

12 July 2014

This year’s conference season was brief but intense for me, with conferences back to back in London and Görlitz. Instead of writing about my own talks, I’ve decided to...