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Isabella Byron: the ale-drinking, toyboy-chasing 18th-century countess

12 April 2020

NEW VIDEO UP! Meet the irresistible Isabella Byron – ale drinker, poet, toyboy chaser & strategic swooner extraordinaire Travelled Europe with a conman Spent her 50s...

William, the ‘Wicked Lord’ Byron – actress abducter & cowardly killer?

10 April 2020

Dearest readers, A new video is UP! See below for a quick intro to the angry, dissipated career of William, 5th Lord Byron – known to history as ‘the Wicked Lord’...

Meet the Byrons! A scandalous 18th-century dynasty

9 April 2020

Lovely readers, I have been very quiet on here as late – partly because I am a shy & retiring wallflower but MAINLY because I have been writing my first big fat history book:...

The dangers of the C17th female imagination

21 February 2018

In the days before modern medicine – indeed, the days when sex was so fluid that girls could spontaneously turn into boys if they got too hot (more on that another time?) –...