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Eyes of a Lyn

19 February 2018

The seal of the Accademia dei Lincei.In the spring of 1612, Florentine priest Antonio Neri published his book on glassmaking. L'Arte Vetraria was the first printed book...

The Glassmaker's Salamander

16 February 2018

From Michael Maier's 1617 book of emblems.The salamander was thought to be born of fire.If one can say that hot-glass workers have a mascot, it is without any doubt the salamander....

Rosichiero Glass

14 February 2018

Sunset over Venice(click image to enlarge)The most famous glass recipe in Antonio Neri’s 1612 book, L'Arte Vetraria, is “#129 Transparent Red.” The reason for...

Laughing in the Ferm

12 February 2018

Allain Manesson Mallet  1719,"Der Mont. – Lune"In Chapter 5 of L'Arte Vetraria, Antonio Neri shows how to extract salt for glass from fern plants in an evocative recipe....