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San Giusto alle Mura

21 May 2018

Window of  Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral,Florence, Italy.In Florence, at the very end of the street on which Antonio Neri spent his youth, Borgo Pinti, was the residence and...

True Colors

18 May 2018

The European Roller [Pica Marina]Antonio Neri's book, L'Arte Vetraria, is devoted to making glass from raw ingredients found in nature. Many of his finished creations were intended...

Galleria dei Lavori

16 May 2018

Giovanni Stradano  (Jan van der Straet) Alchemy Studio, 1571(Inside the Uffizi Galleria dei Lavori)In 1560, Cosimo I, Duke of Tuscany, commissioned Georgio Vassari to begin...

Weights and Measures

14 May 2018

Ford Madox Brown,  The Manchester Murals: "The Proclamation Regarding Weights and Measures, 1556."In his book L'Arte Vetraria, Antonio Neri's glass recipes depended on...