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12 February 2021

 Antonio Neri's family arms, from the vestibuleof the Palazzo Marzichi-Lenzi, Florence.Archiater was a title used in ancient times for the doctors of Roman Emperors. Later, this...

Sonnet for a Barber

10 February 2021

 Possible portrait of Lodovico Domenichi,British Museum, inventory #1867,1012.650This is a post about a 16th century poet who was best friends with alchemist/glassmaker Antonio...

The Duke's Mouthwash

8 February 2021

 Ferdinando de’ Medici (1549-1609),Scipione Pulzone (1544 - 1598), Private collection.Antonio Neri's father, Neri Neri, was royal physician to the family of Grand Duke Ferdinando...

The Duke's Oil

5 February 2021

 Trajan's Column, RomeGiovanni Battista Piranesi (1758)In the seventeenth century, alchemy was a dangerous business. Yes, there were risks of sanctions by the authorities, which...