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Review Round-Up

10 May 2016

The Black Prince of Florence by Catherine Fletcher has recently been reviewed by the Financial Times, The Times, The Spectator, The Economist, and The Tablet. Writing for the Financial...

An interview with Catherine Fletcher

28 April 2016

Julia Bradley talks to Catherine Fletcher about the research process for The Black Prince of Florence, her interest in Black history, and Alessandro de’ Medici’s fashion...

Alessandro’s places 6: Around Florence

20 April 2016

Besides the Palazzo Medici and Palazzo Vecchio, there are numerous locations in Florence that feature in Alessandro’s life. On his entry to Florence in 1531, he visited the church...

Alessandro’s places 5: Palazzo Vecchio

19 April 2016

In Alessandro de’ Medici’s day, the Palazzo Vecchio was known as the Palazzo della Signoria, or palace of the government/lordship. The name referred to its function as the...