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Teaching Toolbox 2018

9 January 2018

Do you have students work with timelines in class? Do you teach surveys, or long texts that have substantial narrative components that unfold over time? Have you used Timeline JS? I...

Teaching Anne Bradstreet through deformance

31 August 2017

This evening in EN340 is the first class of full-on literary analysis, and we are reading several of Anne Bradstreet’s poems. I love starting with Bradstreet in this class because...

Demo Timeline: Evelina

4 May 2017

Have you used Timeline JS to recreate a novel with enriched digital resources? I am testing what this might look like in an epistolary context, using Frances Burney’s Evelina. By...

Major Women Writers: London, Chawton, Bath

28 February 2017

Next week my upper-division writing intensive literature class on women writers before Austen is going to the UK for an extended Spring Break field trip. We’ll be spending the...