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How to Freshen Your Face, 1565

15 October 2019

John Bulwer, AnthropometamorphosisTake a bean, and having chewed it well, spit it on a cloth, then rub your face with this, and you will make the face beautiful and glowing, and the...

How to Increase Your Energy, 15th century

2 October 2019

Getty MS Ludwig XV i, f. 13 (15th c.)For the evil that is called lethargy. Take your own hair, burnt, mixed with vinegar and a little pitch, and lay that over the nostrils.Also,...

How to Cure Your Cough, 1558

25 September 2019

BnF, MS Lat. 9471 (15th c.)A most beautiful and pleasant secret for curing a cough by greasing the soles of the feet. An extremely true thing, and very easy. Take two or three...

How to Interpret Forehead Wrinkles, 156

17 September 2019

           “Well-positioned and advantageous lines are those that are either straight or a little bent, continuous, clear, not divided, not interrupted,...