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How to Eat Bread, 1567

4 May 2018

Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg, Amb. 317b 2, f. 85r (1607)Nobles, who are bilious by nature, have both crusts removed from the bread, both the upper and lower crust. And the preeminent...

How to Choose Tinted Glasses, 1653

27 March 2018

Cornelius Meyer, Nuovi ritrovamenti (1689)"Of Spectacles of pleasure. Simple Spectacles of blew, yellow, red or green colour, are proper to recreate the sight, and will present the...

How to Survive Cold Season, 1761

9 February 2018

Giovanni Battista Ferrari, Hesperides (1646)Fever: To prevent catching any infectious fever, do not breathe near the face of the sick person, neither swallow your spittle while in the...

How to Make Snowballs for Dessert, 1798

30 December 2017

Isaac Cruikshank, "Snow Balls" (1794), LWL"Snow Balls. Pare and take out the cores of five large baking apples, and fill the holes with orange or quince marmalade. Then make some good...