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Finally Famous Pt II!

15 August 2018

Part two of my Podcast with Thomas Hornigold at Physical Attraction is out now! Please find it here.

Finally famous!

7 August 2018

Dear all, Last week I handed in my thesis on Isaac Newton’s chronological studies, titled: “Prophecy, History and Method: How and Why Isaac Newton studied Chronology”....

Fake News!

4 April 2018

Fake news is today’s big thing, but it has always been around. When it comes to Isaac Newton, I could (and perhaps should) easily publish an entire volume of myth and gossip....

Hic Sunt Dracones…

9 March 2017

It has been rather quiet at the Corpus Newtonicum front. Basically, I am writing my pants off, a dissertation in the making: Corpus Newtonicum: Reconstructing Isaac Newton’s working...