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Tweeting images from medieval manuscripts: my practice

15 November 2016

Besides the picture and my caption, there are types of information I include in my tweets of medieval manuscript images; in particular, there are collection references, and there is...


16 October 2015

I teach at the Program in Cultures, Civilizations and Ideas at Bilkent University, in Ankara. The Program teaches a year-long intensive course focusing on the meaning of culture,...

Times Higher Education ‘exam howlers’ competition, and the sharing of students’ errors for entertainment

22 September 2015

From:  Dr Sjoerd Levelt, on behalf of the signatories To:       Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow, President, Universities UK Cc:       Nicola...

#examhowlers: draft letter to Universities UK

14 September 2015

"Are you sure what we're doing is o.k.?" "Of course! We carefully anonymized them!" #examhowlers BL Royal 16 G VI — Sjoerd Levelt (@SLevelt) July...