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The Duchess of Devonshire’s Public Breakfast at Chiswick House, 18

25 June 2019

Today, we’re taking you back in time to a public breakfast given by Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire at the end of June 1802, at her villa, Chiswick House. Public it might have...

Slavery in Guyana during the Georgian Era

20 June 2019

We thought long and hard about whether to publish this on our blog, but agreed that, despite being almost unbearable to read, it was merely one short extract which doesn’t even...

Betty Barker: no ordinary servant

18 June 2019

Sir Wolstan Dixie (1700-1767), 4th Baronet of Bosworth Hall at Market Bosworth in Leicestershire was many things, and chief among them was the fact that he was a bully. For a few short...

The Eighteenth Century Gin Craze

13 June 2019

In today’s world gin has seen something of  a resurgence, with gin bars popping up everywhere and flavoured gins becoming the drink of choice for many. So how do you take...