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Eighteenth-century wedding cakes

14 February 2019

As it’s Valentine’s day we thought we would have a romantic post, however, this has become a confusing one instead and one for which we don’t as yet has a conclusive...

The Fair Swindler of Blackheath

12 February 2019

Elizabeth Frances Robertson was born c.1773, possibly in a humble house in the outskirts of the town of Huntingdon where her father worked as a porter to an oilman and her mother as...

A Careers Guide for the Eighteenth-century

7 February 2019

In 1761, Joseph Collyer developed a careers guide for parents including information about the requirements for being an apprentice. He stressed the importance of good education of course,...

The Isherwoods: Brewers of Windsor

5 February 2019

The Nottingham born artist, Paul Sandby, painted and drew many scenes in and around Windsor and also informal portraits of some of the inhabitants. One of his drawings, held in the...