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The World Turned Upside Down or The Folly of Man, George Thompson, c.1795

6 July 2023

The World Turned Upside Down or the Folly of Man, Pubd by G. Thompson, No. 43 Long Lane Wst Smithfield, LONDON. The World Turned Upside Down is an old English ballad whose lyrics...

“Debauching the minds and morals of youth…” the Society for the Suppression of Vice and the London print-trade 1802-03.

13 June 2023

Old Drybones quenching a Flame (c.1785), British Museum, London. Attributed to William Holland as publisher by Tim Clayton in his recent book on James Gillray The creation of...

C.J. Grant, The Caricaturist, A Monthly Show Up, 1831-183

29 December 2022

Caricaturist No. 8, March 1832 I’m back! The opportunity to sneak a post onto the blog finally appeared in the dying embers of 2022 and so here we are. Whether this becomes a regular...

J.V. Quick, A Form of Prayer to be Said… Throughout the Land of Locusts, 1831

14 December 2021

The statue which stands atop the 130-foot-high column at the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne in north-east England is that of Lord Charles Grey (1764 – 1845), Prime Minister of Great...