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Guest Post: C.J. Grant’s ‘Modern Puritan’

14 May 2018

C.J. Grant, The Political Drama No. 6. The Modern Puritan, published by G. Tregear, 1833. I’m delighted to introduce another guest post by Daphne & Mike Tregear. The Tregears...

Thomas Rowlandson, Grog on Board, ink and watercolour

13 April 2018

This seems like a fitting image to take us into the weekend. An original ink and watercolour wash by Thomas Rowlandson, whose signature appears at the bottom left-hand corner of the...

A satirical skit-note and a ‘sticky’ situation

10 April 2018

It’s not unusual to come across eighteenth and early nineteenth-century satirical prints that have been modified in some way. Our ancestors treated these prints with far less...

The New European Barbershop on lacquerware

6 April 2018

This lacquerware box was manufactured in the workshop of Johann Heinrich Stobwasser (1740 – 1829), in the German city of Braunschweig, sometime around 1814. It is decorated...