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Dick Swift taught a lesson

16 February 2018

Perhaps rather oddly for a medium which was otherwise concerned with high politics and high society, there was an notable link between eighteenth-century London’s satirical print...

Bilson Enamel Box c.1786

8 February 2018

On 2nd August 1786, George III was alighting from his carriage outside St James’s Palace when a poor woman dashed towards him holding out a piece of paper. As he reached out to...

I ain’t dead yet

7 February 2018

If you’ve tried to access this blog via a search engine in the last few days then you’ve probably noticed that the links to the site seem to have gone down. Don’t...

The Up Shut or Bonny-Fire

31 January 2018

This interesting creamware jug caught my eye whilst browsing through some auction catalogues this week. It’s 15cm high and probably dates to circa 1815. The body is decorated...