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A Designing Character: A Biographical Sketch of Joseph Lisle (1798 – 1839)

20 August 2021

A Designing Character. Almost certainly a self-portrait. The publication line reads: “Drawn, Etched & Published by Joe Lisle” c.1828. “Do you ever peak at a picture...

Original works by John Collet (1728 – 1780)

17 August 2021

A couple of oil paintings by John Collet went under the hammer recently. Both pictures formerly belonged to the printseller Carington Bowles (1724-1793) and his partner Samuel Carver...

The Origins of The Plumb-Pudding In Danger?

28 June 2021

A reader named Antoinette Tomsett contacted me a few weeks ago to share some interesting thoughts on what may have inspired James Gillray’s iconic caricature The Plumb-pudding in...

The Pillars of the State, Satirical Snuff Box, c.1756

26 May 2021

“It is necessary to be well acquainted with the disposition of a free, proud, fickle and violent people, before one can conceive of the indignation occasioned by this intelligence…...