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The Prodigal Son’s Teapot c.177

22 November 2018

The Parable of the Prodigal Son was a recurrent theme in repertoire of the publishers of satirical prints during the third quarter of the eighteenth-century. This was a period in which...

A Merry Tale of the Jealous Weaver

30 October 2018

This weeks ‘random item spotted in an auction catalogue’ is a mid-eighteenth-century satirical broadside which offers some truly awful advice on how to build a successful...

‘Old Q’ Snuff Box c.18

19 October 2018

  This snuff box was the latest caricature-related item to catch my eye whilst browsing through sales catalogues. It’s decorated with an engraved copy of Thomas Rowlandson’s...

The Political House that Jack Built on Creamware

16 September 2018

    William Hone’s The Political House that Jack Built was arguably one of the most influential pieces of political satire published in Britain during the...