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Newton’s Dances of Death!

21 December 2020

If the printseller William Holland was still abed at six o’clock in the morning on Friday 27th May 1796, then he may well have been woken by the sounds of commotion on the street...

Jemmy Whittle, the Devil, St Dunstan and the Laughing Boy

4 December 2020

The Laughing Boy c.1780 The name James Whittle (1757 – 1818) will no doubt be familiar to readers of The Printshop Window. Whittle and his partner Robert Laurie (1755-1836)...

C.J. Grant’s Political Drama – An Online Talk

26 November 2020

I’ll be giving a short talk about my book on the caricaturist C.J. Grant at 2pm (GMT) on 9th December 2020. The event will be hosted by the Working Class Movement Library as part...

“The Horrid and Inhuman Murderer” Thomas Simmons by Angelo & Rowlandson, 1807

15 October 2020

It was half-past eight on the evening of 20th October and Sarah Harris, a maid in the employment of George Boreham of Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, was attending to her duties in the kitchen...