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Lecture: The fantastic Visions of James Gillray, June 2019

21 March 2019

Fairfax House’s Savage Satire exhibition will conclude with a lecture by Tim Clayton entitled The Fantastic Visions of James Gillray. Readers of this blog will no doubt be familiar...

Wapping Old Stairs, Thomas Rowlandson, 1814.

14 March 2019

I spotted this nice watercolour scene by Rowlandson in an auction catalogue this morning. It shows a group of pedestrians descending Wapping Old Stairs towards a small wherry which...

Savage Satire – An Exhibition of the Works of James Gillray

20 February 2019

Fairfax House in York is currently hosting a James Gillray exhibition entitled Savage Satire. The exhibition features 35 original prints by Gillray, including a number of his most important...

The Prodigal Son’s Teapot c.177

22 November 2018

The Parable of the Prodigal Son was a recurrent theme in repertoire of the publishers of satirical prints during the third quarter of the eighteenth-century. This was a period in which...