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Weekly Witch: A Seventeenth Century Polish Satire – Blame the Witches

26 February 2016

image (c) Wanda Wyporska Krzysztof Opaliński was a magnate intellectual, whose involvement in the witchcraft persecution was multifaceted. He is a figure to whom I shall return...

Weekly Witch: A precocious young girl

20 February 2016

“My mother led in the bridegroom, it was Thursday night, and the cocks were already crowing, when we got married. Mrs Siedlarka took a silk rope and gold wedding rings. Then she...

The Devil’s Princesses, or coffee and a crypt

2 June 2015

this cover is bent because I’m reading it! From time to time, not just around Hallowe’en, I’m asked to speak at events or give a talk on witchcraft. Thanks to Piers...

Guest Blog – Writing the Weird by Rosie Garland

24 April 2015

  One of my earliest – and happiest memories – is being read to by my grandmother. I curled into her lap as she accomplished the miraculous feat of wrapping her arms...