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Black Africans in Renaissance Europe

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Review: Temi Odumosu’s 'Africans in English Caricature 1769-1819: Black Jokes White Humour' (2018)

9 January 2019

I was delighted to review Temi Odumosu’s Africans in English Caricature 1769-1819: Black Jokes White Humour (2018). I first became aware of Temi’s work from a free...

Playing the flute, the galoubet, and the drum

19 December 2018

I've often wondered what the black figures playing the flute and drum at the same time might sound like in Andrea Mantegna (1505-6) The Introduction of the Cult of Cybele at Rome...

Siobhan Stanley's COMMUNION Exhibition

27 November 2018

Casting MistWhat I thought, thanks to Google maps, was going to be an 18 minute walk over firm ground from Robertsbridge Station to Siobhan Stanley’s Private View of her debut...

Reparation Debate at Durham University

30 October 2018

The invite to speak at Durham University debating society came out of the blue. ..........As an Independent Art and Cultural Historian and current work with the Institute of Commonwealth...