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The Private Life of William Pitt (1759-1806)

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Reverend Wilson's Seminary at Cheam School, Surrey

27 January 2016

A c. 1780s pen and wash sketch (unknown artist) of Cheam School in Surrey A late 18th century sketch of Cheam School in Surrey records that Reverend Edward Wilson's famous pupil -...

A (belated) 1774 Merry-Christmas message from William Pitt

21 December 2015

William Pitt was not known for writing letters on time. Although not a regular correspondent, his letters are delightful, amusing, and self-deprecating. His belated 1774 Christmas message...

'A Captivated Sailor': James Charles Pitt's childhood love poem?

9 October 2015

At the age of ten, James Charles Pitt, the youngest son of the Earl of Chatham, supposedly addressed a love poem to "Eliza." Nothing more is known about the infatuation, nor details...

Why was Pitt down in late August 1804?

28 August 2015

Pitt's second ministry had begun in May 1804 under inauspicious circumstances. Britain was at war again with the Emperor Napoleon, and the pressure placed upon Pitt would have...