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Plagiary Poets

8 February 2016

Last week I launched, an interactive app that visualizes text reuse within early poetry: I was inspired to build the app after spending a month...

Visualizing Shakespearean Characters

13 December 2015

Some time ago, I was intrigued to discover that Shakespeare’s Histories have a noticeable lack of female characters [link]. Since then, I’ve been curious to further explore...

Clustering Semantic Vectors with Python

13 September 2015

Google's Word2Vec and Stanford's GloVe have recently offered two fantastic open source software packages capable of transposing words into a high dimension vector space. In both cases,...

Cross-Lingual Plagiarism Detection with Scikit-Learn

19 July 2015

Oliver Goldsmith, one of the great poets, playwrights, and historians of science from the Enlightenment, was many things. He was "an idle, orchard-robbing schoolboy; a tuneful but intractable...