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Where’s The On-Ramp: Teaching the Diversity of the Past

25 August 2018

Three months ago, we put out a call for practical suggestions on diversifying the study of the past in the literary classroom. What motivated this request was the reality that the energizing...

Tactics for Teaching Diverse Pasts: A Crowd-Sourced Online Compendium

11 May 2018

How do we share the diversity of the past with our students? How can we actively resist white supremacy, patriarchy, classism, homophobia, transphobia, and other modes of oppression?...

Scavenger Hunt

18 January 2018

I had my Shakespeare 4352 students do a research database scavenger hunt on the second day of class. Since I got so much help from Twitter, I’m sharing the questions here. •Find...

Desire Is Pattern: Notes and Links

7 January 2017

My talk at MLA riffs on ideas that were developed for my contribution to the forthcoming Arden Sonnets: State of Play volume, edited by Hannah Crawforth, Elizabeth Scott-Baumann,...