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Shakespeare, Surprise, & Other Drugs

14 August 2018

And in the wood, where often you and I Upon faint primrose-beds were wont to lie, Emptying our bosoms of their counsel sweet, There my Lysander and myself shall meet — Hermia,...

Independent Shakespeare Co’s “Titus Andronicus”: or, Tragedy in the Park

30 July 2018

The Independent Shakespeare Company‘s Titus Andronicus has got me thinking about why Shakespeare in the Park initiatives stage tragedies as part of their free seasons. What...

Dudamel’s “Otello” at the Hollywood Bowl

27 July 2018

Admittedly, I am a bit out of practice reviewing here on the blog. My writing energies have been elsewhere, and you can see some recent things now available and forthcoming from Shakespeare...

July Blogroll: PDX Summer Shakespeare Edition

17 July 2018

Dear readers: This summer is bursting with Shakespeare and Shakespeare-ish performance options running all price ranges in the Portland area. Strangely, sadly, I am actually in California...