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July Blogroll: PDX Summer Shakespeare Edition

17 July 2018

Dear readers: This summer is bursting with Shakespeare and Shakespeare-ish performance options running all price ranges in the Portland area. Strangely, sadly, I am actually in California...

June Blogroll: Subvention Edition

19 June 2018

Dear readers, This month, I continue to reflect on the academic book proposal process. In previous posts, I provided a bibliography of all the advice out there on this process,...

May Blogroll: Book Myths Edition, Vol. 1

1 May 2018

Dear reader, This month, I return to reflecting on the academic book proposal process. In previous posts I provided a bibliography of all the advice out there on this process, as well...

April Blogroll: Desk Top Edition

1 April 2018

¶ Dear readers: ¶ One of the few things I felt I was certain of when I got my tenure-track job was that I would upgrade my home desk. True, she was the easiest thing to move,...