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“Shakespeare in Love” lecture at OMSI this Wednesday!

11 March 2018

Dear all, I’m extremely fortunate to be giving a lecture this coming Wednesday at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry! This pre-screening talk, “Water Men, Under Water:...

March Blogroll: Book Series Edition

1 March 2018

¶ Dear readers: ¶ I’m lucky. I’ve never had too much trouble with “killing my darlings” when it comes to writing. I can’t stand my first drafts...

February Blogroll: Book Visions Edition

1 February 2018

¶ Dear readers, ¶ As I look forward to all the new projects and possibilities that 2018 holds, one of the big things that I plan to commit myself to this year is the book...

“Darling Buds”: Shakespeare for a Portland Spring

5 January 2018

¶ There is a lot of great Shakespeare lined-up in the Portland region this spring. While there are usual summer seasonal companies—my own Original Practice Shakespeare Festival...