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Incognito: The Prince and I

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Pietro Forier, Descrizione del Campidoglio di Roma, dedicated to Friedrich Christian (SLUB, Dresden, Mscr.P.171)

7 August 2023

The Prince was welcomed to the Capitoline on 12 Dec. 1738 by Alessandro Gregorio Capponi, who likely commissioned and presented this guidebook. According to Francesco Paolo Arata, the...

From the Archivio di Stato, Naples, courtesy of Prof. John Moore

7 August 2023

Naples, Archivio di Stato, Affari esteri Roma [hereafter Naples, AS, AER], 1243, letter from Rome of Giovanni Porta [to Montealegre] dated 14 Apr. 1739.             Sua...

Konrad Niemira: Augustyn Mirys: new findings and hypotheses (2019)

12 June 2023


Wienerisches Diarium 174

11 June 2023

Nr. 51. June 25, 1740, p. 586: “Mittwoch Nach-mittag zwischen 5. und 6. Uhr langete all’incognito der Königl. Polnische und Chur-Sächsische Prinz mit seinem ganzen Gefolg aus...