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Easter Term at the Whipple Museum: Programme

25 April 2016

We are delighted to announce the Easter term programme of the early modern French seminar.  We will be heading again to the Whipple Museum at the department of history and philosophy...

Compte Rendu: A Storehouse of Curiosities: Pierre de L'Estoile's Museum of the Wars of Religion (Tom Hamilton)

26 February 2016

Spurred by the consideration of a refractory telescope by Giuseppe Campani (c.1680, acc. no. 1591) held at the Whipple Museum, Tom Hamilton dug out two accounts of L'Estoile's encounters...

Termcard Lent 2016: Early Modern French Seminar at the Whipple Museum

7 January 2016

We are delighted to announce the programme of the Early Modern French Seminar for Lent 2016. Our seminar series will explore textual echoes of the rich early modern French culture of...

Compte Rendu: Tragedy and the Return of the Dead (John D Lyons)

7 January 2016

As is often the case when one attends a paper by John D Lyons, a joyful flurry of literary reminiscences and anecdotes ensues from both the speaker and his audience, leading us through...