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The Lady's Magazine (1770-1818): Understanding the Emergence of a Genre

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Identifying Mrs. T: Ann Thicknesse and the Lady’s Magazine

30 June 2018

As many of you know, the Lady’s Magazine project began as an effort to provide an annotated index of all of the text content of the Lady’s Magazinefrom 1770 to 1818....

Fashioning the Reader: Dress and Early Women’s Magazines (Part 1)

19 June 2018

Many of the Lady’s Magazine project’s followers do so because they are interested in fashion. That’s hardly surprising, really. The periodical’s fashion...

What the Lady’s Magazine Project Did Next

7 November 2016

It’s been quite a while since our last blog post. Team Lady’s Magazine spent most of the summer working really hard trying to complete the data compilation and analysis...

Reader, he burned them: Charlotte Bronte, Shipwreck and the Lady’s Magazine

28 July 2016

Sadly, good news stories are rare these days. So when they come along, I tend to cling to them like precious cargo that can keep me afloat amidst the torrents of awfulness threatening...