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Outlander Adventures in the 18th Century

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Rachel Hunter’s Quaker Mittens

29 September 2016

Mittens for a Friend, inspired by the Quaker, Rachel Hunter (created by Diana Gabaldon in her series Outlander)  are being released to coincide with World Quaker Day,...

The Skye Boat Song Poetry Mittens

9 June 2016

Since Bear McCreary used the Skye Boat Song melody as the basis for his Outlander theme is awash in versions of this old song, but this one strikes me as particularly authentic.....

In Which I Catch a Cold: 18th century cold remedies

17 February 2016

The 18th century physician attributed the common cold to the “sucking in” of, essentially “noxious and moist” air, and “nitrous salts” which...

The Weekend Time Traveler

2 July 2015

When I was growing up there were two camps and three second homes on our road.  One of the camps belonged to my grandmother who was, likely, one of the few people...