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Bad quarto of Hamlet, 1603, also known as the first quarto of Hamlet

20 December 2018

The earliest surviving print version of Hamlet is on display on the British Library website, Click here to find out what a “bad” quarto is.

The Funeral Procession of Elizabeth I

29 October 2018

Walter Raleigh, –gentleman, adventurer, explorer, spy, poet, soldier, politician,– was executed 400 years ago today.  The link below is to the funeral procession of...

Special issue of Open Access Journal Humanities about Pirates in Literature

19 October 2018

Aargh, avast ye!  The Open Access journal Humanities is seeking submissions for a special issue about Pirates in Literature.  If this is of interest, please follow this...

‘Tarontos Lac’: Geographer finds oldest known reference to Toronto on 340-year-old French map

15 October 2018

A geographer has found what could be the earliest reference to Toronto on a map dated from 1678. In small lettering in one corner of the map was the name “Lac Tarontos,”...