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"It belongs in a museum". But... why?

26 May 2015

"It belongs in a museum." No one has the same authority as iconic movie star archaeologist Indiana Jones, the heritage super hero par préférence, when he confronts the...

Holy headlessness. Beheading, death and various afterlives of sacred sculptures

14 January 2015

Beheaded and mutilated medieval Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. Musée National du Moyen Âge, Paris(An initial comment: Since I started planning this blog post on beheaded sacred...

I Wish You Were Here: The art of displaying a loss

11 March 2014

OK, let it be said at once: This post is not a happy piece. It could be blamed on the season, including the beginning of Lent when mortality and vanity is the ever present narrative...

Domesticating the Medusa

26 February 2014

 When working on a long-term creative project such as a PhD, it is fascinating (and also a little scary) to follow the winding trail of one's own thoughts: circling around shifting...