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Brocaded Silk Shoes: James Adams, London Shoemaker, 1770s

21 June 2019

I viewed these elegant court pumps from the collection of the Pilgrim Hall Museum, in Plymouth, MA. ( on my summer research road trip in 2018. They are stunners. Vibrant,...

Leverett Family Petticoat Returns to Colonial Williamsburg

27 May 2019

The Leverett family quilted petticoat, reproduced from a pattern created by pricking the design onto muslin, has been returned to the makers at the Margaret Hunter Shop, Milliners and...

The Latest in Mourning Wear: Advice from Harper’s Bazar, 1901

9 May 2019

“Crepe is more fashionable than ever” notes the November 1901 edition of Harper’s Bazar. “House gowns and dinner gowns made entirely of crepe and in the princesse...

Mrs. Catherine Donovan, Dressmaker to the NYC Elite

7 April 2019

Irish–born dressmaker to New York’s elite, Mrs. Catherine Donovan (1826?-1906), studied fashion in Paris. Donovan created her gowns in her fashionable shop and showroom...