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The Annual Warner House Costume Tea, June 9, 2018

14 May 2018

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Behind the Victorian Mask, a Federal Dandy

28 April 2018

Secretary Desk as foundNot every Victorian is as dowdy as they might seem. Last year, at the Warner House in Portsmouth NH, we began to plan the exhibit for the next 2-year cycle and...

Treasures Afoot: Shoe Stories from the Georgian Era

6 April 2018

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018. Image, Strawbery Banke; Photograph, Ellen McDermottShoes reveal the hopes, dreams, and disappointments of the early Americans who wore them. In...

A Boston Leather Chair

25 January 2018

C. 1735 Boston Chair in Colonial Revival upholsteryIt’s 1745, you’ve had some economic success in life—comfortable, not wealthy—and you’re dressed in your...