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A Pair of Silk Satin Shoes by Francis Jacobs, c. 1840s

12 September 2022

According to a paper label adhered to one of his shoes, Francis Jacobs was a mid-19th century ladies shoemaker, with shops at 32 Rue de la Paix, Paris, and 179 Regent Street, London....

Olivia Emeline Lane Dresses, c.1827-1835: Hand Sewn in Stratham, NH

17 August 2022

 Olivia Emeline Lane Dresses, c.1827-1835, Stratham, NH I recently spent time trying to untangle some of the storyline and chronology for a box of Lane family textiles housed at the...

Found in Collections-Old York Historical Society

2 August 2022

Found in Collections:A little fashion myth busting - not all women had small feet. Museum and family collections are skewed toward small sizes for a wide variety of reasons but careful...

“I have labored very hard to keep up courage....": Logbook Entries From An Unidentified Female Hand

31 July 2022

  This summer, I have been researching account books, day books, ledgers and logbooks at the Phillips Library and found the following of interest. The first part of the log is from...