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A new blog

17 April 2017

If you like this website, and you’re interested in the Tudor and Stuart period, you might like my new family history site, Yeomen and Kinsmen, which tells the story of my...

The search for Gregory Martin

4 May 2016

In recent posts I’ve written about Thomas Lucke, the former Augustinian canon who was precentor of Michelham Priory, Sussex, until its suppression by Thomas Cromwell in 1537,...

The Augustinian connection

25 April 2016

We were in Vienna, Austria, for a few days last autumn, and on the Sunday morning we went to High Mass at the Augustinerkirche, which was once the parish church of the Habsburgs. The...

What became of the monks and friars expelled from their monasteries?

18 November 2015

What happened to the monks and friars who were expelled from their monasteries and other religious foundations when they were suppressed by Henry VIII? Earlier this year I...