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“Some may helpe with their purses, some with their persons”

24 February 2017

As Dylan Ruediger’s new editions of the book show, Edward Waterhouse ended his narrative of the Virginia colony and the 1622 Powhatan assault by appealing to his fellow...

Waterhouse published!

17 February 2017

British Virginia has just published Dylan Ruediger’s two editions of the Virginia Company’s official response to the Powhatan assault on English settlers in 1622: Edward...

What if this present were the worlds last night?

11 November 2016

As the first election returns were announced, a few VCU students were reading Donne’s “Holy Sonnets” aloud from gatherings that they had recently...

The fifth of November

5 November 2016

At VCU, we commemorate the prevention of the alleged gunpowder plot in 1605 with neither bonfires nor effigies, but with a performance of John Donne’s 1622 “powder...