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The Superscripts go to Washington

2 January 2019

After completing their transcript of all 315+ pages of Folger MS V.a.345, the Superscripts traveled to the source. They saw and touched the book that they had come to know well. ...

The 2018 VCU transcribathon

27 November 2018

At VCU’s first two transcribathons, participants worked on a wide range of manuscripts without necessarily expecting to complete any of them. VCU’s third transcribathon...

VCU transcribed an entire manuscript book of poems

14 November 2018

123 VCU students 5 community members 1 faculty member 1 remarkable student organization 3 semesters 4 upper-division classes 528 poems 315 pages 161 page openings with writing 445 complete...

“Some may helpe with their purses, some with their persons”

24 February 2017

As Dylan Ruediger’s new editions of the book show, Edward Waterhouse ended his narrative of the Virginia colony and the 1622 Powhatan assault by appealing to his fellow...