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'Hamlet's Soliloquy: Imitated’ - Richard Jago

20 May 2017

To print, or not to print — that is the question. Whether 'tis better in a trunk to buryThe quirks and crotchets of outrageous Fancy, Or send a well-wrote copy to the press,...

'Ode to Wisdom' - Elizabeth Carter

16 July 2016

When Fortune drops her gay parade, When Pleasure’s transient roses fade, And wither in the tomb; Unchang’d is thy immortal prize, Thy ever-verdant laurels rise ...

'The Seasons' - James Thomson

2 July 2016

Gradual sinks the breeze Into a perfect calm; that not a breath Is heard to quiver through the closing woods, Or rustling turn the many twinkling leaves Of aspen tall.  The...

'Death and the Doctor' - David Garrick

21 May 2016

‘As Doctor ** musing sate, Death saw, and came without delay: Enters the room, begins the chat With, “Doctor, why so thoughtful, pray?”’ ‘Death and...