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'The Woman of Colour: A Tale' (1808) - Anon

16 January 2019

‘…this was evidently meant to mortify your Olivia; it was blending her with the poor negro slaves of the West Indies! It was meant to show her, that, in Mrs. Merton’s...

'A Nocturnal Reverie' - Anne Finch

9 January 2019

‘In such a Night let Me abroad remain, Till Morning breaks, and All's confus'd again;Our Cares, our Toils, our Clamours are renew'd. Or Pleasures, seldom reach'd, again pursu'd.‘A...

'The Banished Man' - Charlotte Smith

19 December 2018

‘In losing every thing but my honour and my integrity, I have learned, that he who retains those qualities can never be degraded, however humble may be his fortune.’The...

'Saturday' - Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

12 December 2018

‘How am I changed! alas! how am I grownA frightful spectre, to myself unknown!’‘Saturday’ (published 1747)Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762)Portrait of Lady...