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A new Life in London

7 November 2020

Very glad to be able to write that I’ve recently co-signed a contract with Oxford University Press to produce the first modern affordable edition of Pierce Egan’s Life in...

New Updates

17 July 2017

As you’ll be able to see from the expanded header menu, I’ve recently added a series of new curations to the site, including plate series from John Thomas Smith’s...

John Tallis’s London Street Views

26 May 2017

A piece of mine called ‘Transformation and Specialization in London and its Topography’ has just been published by the Journal of Victorian Culture; this is part...

Picturing Places and the 1819 Plan

9 May 2017

The British Library has recently launched Picturing Places, a new resource exploring its rich topographical holdings.  Many of the images used on this site – including the...