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Scholar Spotlight: Andrew Louth

1 February 2019

Andrew Louth’s long and distinguished career as a scholar of Patristic and Byzantine studies means that no one article can offer a full review of his scholarship and impact. Instead,...

Evelyn Underhill (Scholar Spotlight)

29 October 2018

Biography Evelyn Underhill (6 December 1875 – 15 June 1941) was one of the most influential twentieth-century writers on mysticism and spirituality. Her work is largely credited...

Public Lecture: The History of the Poor Clares of Darlington

1 July 2018

I was honoured to be asked to give a public lecture by the Friends of Saint Cuthbert’s Church, who have always supported my work and allowed me access to resources at the church...

Funding Success: EAB Publication Grant

15 June 2018

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded a publication grant from the Elizabeth Ann Bogert Memorial Fund for the Study or Practice of Christian Mysticism to support the publication...