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Week 6 Down

17 November 2023

We’re over the hump. Week 6 was, in the words of our excellent part 2 administrator, the week that was trying to kill me. In an already crowded teaching timetable, I had an extra...

Teaching for 2023-24

8 September 2023

I’ve just found out what I’m teaching next year, and it’s quite a change from previous years. Of course, I’m going to be teaching my new Crisis and Continuity Course at Part...

John Balshaw’s Jigge: a Live Performance – the Brindle performance

25 August 2023

Finale of John Balshaw’s Jigge On Saturday 17 June 2023, I led a cast of students and professionals to put on the world premiere of John Balshaw’s Jigge in Brindle, where it...

New Role with the Social History Society

18 August 2023

Long time readers of this blog will know that for a couple of years I was the administrator for the Social History Society. The role is run as a postdoctoral position out of the History...