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A distant look at EEBO-TCP’s “Controversial Literature”

17 November 2017

Iona writes: To explore the contents of EEBO-TCP in a distant fashion (and give context to Linguistic DNA data), I have continued to experiment with the Text Creation Partnership’s...

LDNA at MozFest

29 October 2017

Fraser writes: The Glasgow branch of LDNA attended this year’s Mozilla Festival (better known as MozFest) to help discuss the potential for linguistics to shape future development...

Some future plans & linked calls

17 August 2017

The Linguistic DNA project reaches the end of its AHRC-funded work next summer. To share our tools and findings with the research community, we will be hosting demonstrations and presenting...

Documenting categories in EEBO-TCP data

25 May 2017

As part of a work placement with Linguistic DNA, University of Sheffield MA student Winnie Smith has been examining the metadata that accompanies the Text Creation Partnership...