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Ina Cataloging Post

3 August 2018

Cataloging is like my stress reliever. When I am stressed, I usually start rearranging the furnitures or cleaning up the basement or organizing the files on my laptop to give me some...

Cataloging Reflection

3 August 2018

Over the past couple of weeks, my cataloging experience with END has taught me about the many aspects of library science. Finding a book that is rich in metadata (such as having a lot...

Reflections on Cataloguing, Summer 2018

3 August 2018

I think the red rot permanently stuck between my keyboard keys will not let me forget this summer of cataloguing. Physically handling the books we catalogued, with the care it was ensured...

cataloging reflections

2 August 2018

My time cataloging made me think a lot about the books I've collected. The most interesting part of rare books is the physical evidence of previous owners: marginalia, inscriptions,...