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The Life and Opinions of Twitter Bots: 18th Century Prefatory Paratexts, the Capacities of Social Media, and Fact Checking

16 August 2016

When I first started cataloging early novels, having no experience with 18th century materials and little historical knowledge of the 1780s social world of authors and readerships,...

Epigraphs and Shakespeare in the eighteenth century

11 August 2016

This year, I centred my personal project on Shakespeare, my primary academic interest. Having recently completed a thesis on the legendary playwright, I had to ask this question: why...

Imagined Distance: Visualizing Place and Space in Faux Epistolary Travel Novels

11 August 2016

I. Inspiration My interest in this project began with a general curiosity about the relationship between distance and epistolarity. While cataloging, I had the opportunity to read...

Early Novels Genius: Poetry as Sampling in 18th and 19th Century Novels

9 August 2016

POETRY FRAGMENTATIONMany 18th and 19th century novels contain excerpts of non-prose forms, framed by the novel text but pulled from other sources. One form frequently excerpted within...