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Reflection: The Common Press

4 September 2017

On Wednesday, July 5 we took a tour of the Common Press at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), and had the opportunity to print our own broadsheets. An article written by Jacquie...

Reflection: Reading Will Never Be the Same

27 August 2017

I used to go to the library every week as a child. Specifically, my parents and I would frequent the Northeast Regional branch of the Free Library. As suggested in its name it was free,...

Reflection: On the Physical Presence of Books

27 August 2017

It is easy to forget the physicality of a modern trade paperback. You throw it in your bag to take to the beach. You put your drink on it when you don’t have a coaster, confident...

Reflection: On Media and the Common Press

26 August 2017

One of the most memorable parts of our visit to the Common Press was the opportunity to operate the printing press itself—the process seemed very sudden, and almost magical, in...